“Sage that Shit” Protection Candle
“Sage that Shit” Protection Candle

“Sage that Shit” Protection Candle

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Our hand crafted "Sage that Shit" Protection Candle is the perfect blend of herbs and spices to keep your space safe from negative energy. The protective properties of sage are infused with the aromatic oils of nine different herbs to keep your space clean and fresh, rid if all the bad vibes. Burn this candle as the ultimate form of self care! Oh, and make sure you crack a door or a window to let that negativity go!

Product Details

  • Coconut wax candle 
  • Cotton wick
  • 100% natural ingredient 
  • Cruelty-free 
  • Plant-based 
  • 12oz 
  • Hand crafted 
  • Scent - pineapple sage 
  • Goodies on top - black salt, evil eye, black tourmaline, sage 


  • Reduces negative thoughts
  • Repels negative energy directed at you
  • Cleanses and protects your home.
  • Black Salt - Used for centuries to rid spaces of negative energies.
  • Evil Eye - Wards off negativity thrown your way from other people, protecting your from misfortunes and all around bad vibes.
  • Black Tourmaline - Arguably, the most powerful protection stone around—absorbs negativity. By absorbing negativity, the stone can prevent unwanted energy from entering your home, mind, body, or spirit, giving this stone its protective quality.
  • Sage - One of the oldest methods of cleansing a person, group of people, objects, or space. Said to strengthen spiritual connections and intuition, also improves mood, memory, and focus — especially when you're trying to figure out a dilemma.

Herbal Protection Blend

  • Fennel oil to purify, for courage and protection.
  • Hyssop cleansing, purification and to avert the evil eye.
  • Rosemary to cleanse, love and protect.
  • Basil and basil oil for protection
  • Dragons Blood to amplify the intention.
  • White Sage to purify, balance and raise vibration.
  • Wormwood to remove anger and for protection against vengeance.
  • Rosemary Oil for cleansing, protection and self-love.\
  • Black pepper oil for grounding.

 Burn instructions

Please see FAQ page to see candle burning instructions