"Manifesting Success" Candle

"Manifesting Success" Candle

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The smell of success can't be found in a bottle, but with this Manifesting Success coconut wax candle, you can fill your home with the aroma of success! The citric fragrance of lime combined with the eucalypts and a prosperity, attracts feelings of success and accomplishment. It's time to send your intentions out into the universe and manifest the success you deserve! 

Our crystal intention candles have everything you need to welcome successful vibes into your life so you can secure that new job, promotion, or jumpstart your new business! 

Our "Manifesting Success" Intention Candle contains all the metaphysical attributes needed to propel your desires in the right direction. It's the perfect self care gift idea for someone you wish to see succeed in life!

 Product Details

    • Coconut wax candle 
    • Lead-free cotton wick
    • 100% natural ingredient 
    • Cruelty-free 
    • Plant-based 
    • 12oz
    • Hand crafted 
    • Scent - Coconut Lime 
    • Crystals - 
    • Green Aventurine & Carnelian 
    • Herbs - 
  • Eucalyptus Leaves & Prosperity Herbal Blend 

Burn instructions

Please see FAQ page to see candle burning instructions