What is Money Manifestation?

Money, money, money. 

We want more of it but we don’t know how to get it. Money is a hugely popular subject within the realm of abundance and can be challenging to obtain, especially if you have negative ideas about it. 

Money can cause sensitivity and stress in many people, blocking you from receiving the abundance available to you. 

Addressing your insecurities, traumas, and wounds around money can be helpful in releasing negative patterns and making room for money to come to you. In this article, we’ll go over how to manifest money, including using a money candle to set your intentions.

Before we go further, here’s the real definition of money manifestation: Channeling positive energy, affirmations, and behaviors with the goal to achieve money and feelings of security and abundance. 

Release Any Negative emotions Around Money 

When you feel tense in situations around money, whether giving or receiving, that means that there are some unprocessed emotional energies in your body that need to be acknowledged. 

Once you are aware of the feelings inside you when money issues come up like owing a debt or paying bills, choose to let those obstacles go and know that money is an energy. It will come back to you just as it goes out. 

Sit down when you’re in a good space to freely write about money. 

What feelings do you have around it and what did your parents, friends, and loved ones say or do with money growing up? Exploring your money story can illuminate the deeper wounds and where to begin.

Show Gratitude

I know what you’re thinking. What does gratitude have to do with money manifestation?



Making a gratitude list, whether mental or written, can have profound effects on an abundance mindset and overall happiness. When you acknowledge the blessings and goodness you’ve been given throughout your day, it allows you to slow down and take stock of what’s really important. 

Gratitude is directly connected to your personal power. When you show gratitude, you’re getting stronger in a sense of security, happiness, and well-being. You feel at home knowing that the world is being kind to you, every single day. 

And that thing you really want? Or that raise or that new client or that fat paycheck? If you stay in gratitude for what you have now, then you’ll be prepared to welcome that moolah in the future. 

Use Candles to Create An Anchor

Lighting money candles are amazing ways to really set your intention.

Want more money? Simply light the candle, close your eyes and envision yourself accepting the money and how that feels in your body. 

Once the candle finishes burning, the manifestation is complete. All that’s left to do is for you to remain open and alert for the money opportunities coming your way. 

Lighting a money candle is a great ritual you can do every month to affirm your money goals and set abundance intentions — also it gives you peace of mind that is more valuable than any tangible gift. 

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