National Mental Health Awareness Month: Simple Self-Care Tips

By now, we’ve all figured out how much self-care influences our mental health — especially when we’re fighting to make it through a challenging week where nothing seems to be going the way we need it to. 


May is National Mental Health Awareness month, so we thought it’d be helpful to go over some ways to engage in self-care that strengthens mental health — wondering what mental health specifically refers to? 


Mental health refers to our emotional, physical, and social well-being, so it’s no wonder self-care has such an impact. Let’s look at how you can take care of yourself, no matter what is going on in your outside world. 



Simple Self-Care Ideas 


We get it. You’ve got the kids to take care of, deadlines at work, family members you have to take care of, a house to tend, and geez, the list seems endless, right?! 


With all of the things we’re tasked with, it’s incredibly easy to feel overwhelmed and burnt-out, but not if you practice self-care. Self-care gives you a moment to yourself — a moment to chill and just be. 


Here are a few simple self-care ideas you can use to keep your mental health well, healthy. 



Go for a Walk 


We’re all happy to finally have some normalcy back in our lives. This time last year, many of us were unsure about going outside for any exercise. As a result, many of us gained the dreaded quarantine 15


Now that things are looking on the up and up get some exercise and fresh air. Don’t think you have to jump back in your workout routine full force. Start slow, go for a leisurely walk, and take in some fresh air and sun rays. 


Start Journaling 


The average person has an average of 60,000 thoughts every day. Grab a pen and paper and let some of that flow out on a piece of paper. It’s therapeutic, and it’s a great way to keep up with your self-affirmations. Write down what you’re grateful for, what you want to achieve (in present tense), and things you want to accomplish for the day. 



Have a Seat and Just Chill 


There will always be things to do around the house, especially if you have kids. You can clean the house, and 30 seconds later, see baby piles accumulating again. Don’t push yourself to the point of exhaustion. 


If you’re tired, sit down, kick your feet up, and chill out, sis! Watch some Netflix, scroll through social media, read, or whatever it is that makes you happy. Trust and believe those dishes will be there later! 



Treat Yourself to a Spa Day


Ouuuu, one of our favorites — self-care day. Sure, you could shell out the big bucks at a fancy spa, or you can purchase your own natural self-care products and create your own five-star spa right in your own bathroom. 


Grab one of our Botanical Soak, some Pink Lemonade Body Polish, and a Self-Love Candle to get the calming vibes just right — but don’t forget to lock the door and play some soothing music. 





If you’ve never tried to meditate, it can seem a little intimidating. 


How long are you supposed to keep your eyes closed? And how do you know if you’re even doing it right? 


When it comes to mental health, meditation can calm the mind in incredible ways. Stress causes our minds to fill to max capacity, and then let’s not forget how anxiety causes our brains to overanalyze every and anything — whew, exhausting, right? 


Meditation gives you a moment to quiet your mind, which you may need more than you realize. Remember those 60,000 thoughts that pop in your head every day? Don’t focus on if you’re doing it “right,” just close your eyes and focus on clearing your mind, even if it’s for a few minutes a day. 



Main Takeaway


Mental health is one of the most critical aspects of our livelihood. If you don’t take care of yourself, who will? 


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